6 Tips to Becoming a Successful Artist

I like to think that every artist, no matter their skill set, has something they can improve upon. No one is ever perfect in their personal or professional lives, and striving to improve some aspect of that can help you become a better artist and person in general. I also think it’s worth noting…

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The Cost of Art

Have you ever found yourself loving an art piece online or in person, but find that the price tag isn’t at all within your financial means? Many people dismiss the prices artists charge on their work, calling it “a scam”, “too expensive”, or at worst “not worth it”. Some people even try to get…

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Behind My Blog

If you've been navigating through my website, you may be wondering why I have a blog on it. While website traffic and potential extra income can make or break a successful blog, they aren't the main factors behind this one.  I started this blog because the information I now know, I wish I knew…

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