Behind My Blog

Behind My Blog

If you’ve been navigating through my website, you may be wondering why I have a blog on it. While website traffic and potential extra income can make or break a successful blog, they aren’t the main factors behind this one. 

I started this blog because the information I now know, I wish I knew years ago as an aspiring digital artist, and hope this blog finds recourse with those who need it the most. 

You see I come from a small town, and had limited resources, connections, and opportunities at my disposal. For a while, I even gave up

In fact, it wasn’t until almost a year after I finished college, that I really started digging deep for information to help me grow and achieve my goals. I used social media to connect with other artists around the world, subscribed to YouTube channels that focus on digital art software, and even took a few courses on free educational websites.

My own failures and frustrations motivated me to learn how to build my own computer, learn the tools of the trade, understand a feasible workflow, and eventually become comfortable with creating digital art.

Researching answers to your own digital art questions can take anywhere from weeks to months, and with a vast array of information out there, it can be confusing to know where to start or even what to trust.

Therefore, I want to provide a compilation of resources for digital artists of all levels to use, and help them in their journey to mastering their craft. While I am certainly no master myself, I can provide insight on helpful tips, tools, and other information I’ve gathered in the real world and online readily available for anyone to reference or use. 

The purpose of my blog is to provide recommendations, tips, links to tutorials, and words of advice from my own setbacks that can help anyone looking for ways to grow as a digital artist.

I hope you enjoy my future content, and hope it becomes a guide for you to use on your journey. Feel free to subscribe and share my blog on your social networks.

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